10 Best Spanish Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

Spanish cuisine is enjoyed by people across the globe. Our research team of foodies at 10KeyThings brings you our guide of 10 of the best places to taste bud stimulating food in the Central Business District area. Many Spanish dishes are prepared today using the same cooking methods and ingredients as they were two or three hundred years ago, making Spanish delicacies one of the most pristine delicacies there are. We thus bring to you some of the finest places in Melbourne,CBD which showcase the variety and complexity of Spanish food.This food listing is not static and we keep updating it based on your comments, reviews, and suggestions. So don’t forget to leave us a comment after visiting the places here!

10 Best Spanish Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

1. MoVida Bar De Tapas

Cuisine: Spanish, Tapas, Raciones
MoVida Bar de Tapas pioneers the Spanish tapas scene with delicious food, staff is gorgeous, and wine is lovely too. The favorites of this place are the house bread, salted cod balls, Octopus, and the pork belly. The Anchoa and Croquette are the most famous dishes here. This place does not…read more about MoVida Bar De Tapas Spanish Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

2. Portello Rosso

Cuisine: Spanish, Tapas, BBQ Lamb Ribs
A wonderful Spanish restaurant with a lovely, romantic ambiance and amazing food and top notch service, Portello Rosso is an amazing place in CBD. You can choose to order several tapas dishes to share. The waiters are very friendly, and helpfully and usually advise on…read more about Portello Rosso Spanish Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

3. Bar Lourinhã

Cuisine: Spanish, Tapas, Portuguese
Bar Lourinhã is a hidden gem and a cozy bar situated next to Sheraton hotel at little Collins street. It has friendly service with an extensive drink menu to choose from. The bar here is one of the popular and highly recommended bar in CBD. While it has bar seating, it is primarily…read more about Bar Lourinhã Spanish Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

4. Eliana Lulu

Cuisine: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Cafe, Pizza
This place is cozy, rustic cafe and brunch spot is hidden away in the iconic Centre Place. This place serves Spanish and Portuguese-inspired menu with a Western flair.
This place is known for…read more about Eliana Lulu Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

5. Bomba Downstairs

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Spanish, Tapas
A typical weeknight at Bomba Downstairs is a plethora of packed suits, hanging out for a drink and some good food on the side. You can start with the swordfish sashimi, draped throughout droplets of squid ink, radish and pickled cucumbers. It is a fresh and delicate…read more about Bomba Downstairs Spanish Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

6. Hairy Canary

Cuisine: Spanish, Tapas
Hairy canary is another treat for Spanish food lovers. Paella is decently sized and is served with a generous amount of mussels. Chorizo has a nice salty flavor although on the tough side. The rice is cooked through well and is flavorful from all the ingredients. Overall flavors complemented…read more about Hairy Canary Spanish Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

7. MoVida Aqui

Cuisine: Spanish, Tapas
With some places, you can never go wrong. Let’s start with the service, always impeccable, professional and charming. You will return from this place with a big smile. Then the menu – always assisted by wait staff which is more than happy to make recommendations. Go with a tapas styleread more about MoVida Aqui Spanish Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

8. Simply Spanish

Cuisine: Spanish, Tapas
Simply Spanish is a restaurant at the South Melbourne Market and completely visible if you pass by Cecil St. The outdoor area is spacey, able to accommodate a large group of people and best to enjoy during spring or summer. Even though the indoor area is small,read more about Simply Spanish Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

9. Bar Nacional

Cuisine: Spanish
Every night is Friday night at Bar Niconal. In my opinion, the best coffee in the neighborhood can be found here. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the gorgeous colorful cups used and kept at the right temperature, that’s attention to detail. Bar Nacional is to be commended forread more about Bar Nacional Spanish Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

10. Long Room

Cuisine: Asian, Spanish, Tapas
Long Room has a buzzing atmosphere during after work drinks time on Friday evenings. There are so many fascinating things about this place. A delight is definitely the Live music. It sets the atmosphere to another level of euphoria. All you can eat tapas is brilliant! Its great quality of food…read more about Long Room Spanish Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

We at 10KT hope that your taste buds have found the correct places to find the perfect Spanish food. If so then do go out and try some of these places we have mentioned in this listing. As always, we are happy to hear your comments and reviews of the places you visit. We will keep our list fresh and updated based on your recommendations. The upshot is that you after you’ve exhausted this list, you can come back and find a new list of 10 key budget places waiting, all ready for your tasting pleasure. Happy eating!!

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