10 Selfless Acts you could do today – Part 2

You are here on Part 2…indicates that…you are one of those beautiful and caring people who are really keen to do selfless acts that can make someone’s day or even transform someone’s life. So, let’s continue from where we left off in first part.

6. Offer a seat in metro/public transport to someone who actually needs it – Tell me, the first thing you do when you enter a metro? Look for a vacant seat, indeed! It is in human nature, to find comfort above everything else; even at the cost of the needful ones perishing in the dust because of it. Yes, it is actually true that in some metro stations, the atmosphere is such that people could literally hit you away to get that last vacant seat so that they could rest while you can simply watch them in complete anguish but do nothing about it.
Ever done something like it? I know, no need to lie. Don’t you think, it would have been generous enough to let that old uncle looking desperately at you to offer him the seat than comfortably lie on it like a squirt? Don’t be alarmed or ashamed. Just ensure that the next time you enter a metro looking for a seat, make sure you deserve it.

7. Donate blood – Of the many things you could do, or you should do, donating blood must be in your top-priority list. Donating blood doesn’t only help you to help others but also makes you an unlikely hero in times of grave anxiety and stress! Yes! That’s right! In any and mostly every major operation that a person may have to go during his/her lifetime, he/she may have to face a situation when he/she may require blood; this is exactly the time when the manly figures emerge from the backdrop of the family and insist on doing the good deed themselves but every once in a while, there arises and unlikely situation when their blood doesn’t match with the patients’ and they could do nothing but pray. This opens up the window of opportunity for every aspiring hero to help the ones in need and indeed, save a life! And that is something!

8. Listen to others’ problems / sorrows – Ever heard a grieving co-workers horrific tale? Or paid attention to any stranger’s unprecedented story? A complete negative on that one, right?  I know, it’s more likely and fun to keep blabbering about stuff and show your command over things, but once in a while, take a look outside; see if someone needs you; someone, you may know or may not, but that someone may need you to truly listen to his/her words. The words may mean you nothing but may be of sumptuous value to that someone. Always try to find time to listen to what people say, maybe it is something you haven’t heard of yet, or something you could have hardly ever imagined to be. Just be there for them, when they have no one; to tell them that they are not alone, and they mean the whole world to someone they may know or not. Help them in grieving times. It not only helps them get past their ordeals but also helps you to become a mature and more passionate person.

9. Keep giving back to society every now and then – It may seem like a tiresome job and you may want to pass any and every opportunity that seeks your compliance, but one thing you must keep in mind as well as your heart is that a friend in need is a friend indeed; doesn’t matter if the person you are helping is a friend or not as long as you are willing to help and he/she is willing to accept it! No need to re-read that sentence, what I mean to say is that you must volunteer for any kind of work. Volunteering is a very popular means to give back to the society and many people engage in it – some for making money and some who genuinely wish to do something. It doesn’t matter what you do it for, until and unless you do it whole-heartedly. Volunteering can be for anything! It can be as small as walking your neighbor’s pets to as big as a small shift for an NGO. You could do anything you wish to; in the end, it all comes down to your choices.

10. Donate/Help-for-free – The word ‘donate’ seems to be very demanding and the moment you hear it, you elect to ignore it. Why let go of things that belong to you? After all, you/ your parents bought them for yourselves! How come the maid’s boy suddenly deserves it more than me?
You must have encountered a stage in your childhood or your adulthood when your brain might have made all sorts of explanations and presented random questions to support the context as to why you shouldn’t donate that favorite sweater of yours or a toy or some other thing! And you must have been somewhere in the middle of “I must let go” and “Oh! Darn it! Who cares?” Actually, donating is much more than just that.

Donating is an activity, a person engages in when he/she thinks that someone else is rightfully more deserving of that article than he/she himself/herself is simply because the other can’t afford it while you can even though you don’t need it. Letting go of such stuff not only brings a smile to that person but you become their hero/ their messiah sent from God. The feeling you get when you bring a smile on such face is much greater than the one you got when you got that product for yourself!

So, the next time you see a small kid by the roadside who cannot even dream of maybe owning an Ipod for example; just let go and hand it over to him for free for a change. You’d be more than happy for sure!

These were indeed some truly unselfish things one could/must do. These may seem a little unconvincing to suit your own needs but a little effort from your side could make a huge amount of difference in somebody else’s life. And the incomparable smile and self-satisfaction you get is truly beyond amazement!

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