10 Selfless acts you could do today – Part 1

In today’s pathetic time, we can always find people, who live for themselves and themselves only, trying to continue their quest to carve a niche’ for themselves in this truly cold-hearted world. But every once in a while, we see a person or people, who truly, with their heart and soul, live a life that may neither seem pretty and delightful to the masses nor it may be of any value to the eyes of the common world; however, in true regard be of the utmost grandeur because that would be a life not lived with personal goals but for others.

Helping others, guiding others, lending a helpful hand whenever they tremble and fall and always there to support them. That’s what life is all about. Let’s cover up some ways by which you could also do some totally unselfish things:

1. Be a symbol of Hope – Nothing can be greater than giving hope to someone needful. Hope is that very tool which can help a person climb up from rags to riches. Take for instance, you see a rags jewellery maker who – although extremely hardworking and quite efficient at what he does – doesn’t get the desired amount of customers; leaving him to be vulnerable to the cold world of poverty. Walk up to him, and gently talk to him; buy a piece of jewellery and praise him for his efforts. This would not only make his day but provide him the courage to fight in the war with poverty. Simple things are always the effective ones.

2. Teach roadside children/beggars for free – This is a very simple way of playing your role in the society. Instead of lending them pennies by the roadside, educate them so that their children don’t suffer the same fate. Tell them the importance of education and what it feels like to stand up to the world on your own. Give them hope that one day everything will be alright; even though it may seem hollow to you, it would give them unprecedented courage and the will to go on.

3. Plant as many trees as you can – This may seem like nothing, but actually, it holds a very important value to it. Planting a tree sounds like one of those childhood projects that you would get for your summer holidays where you had to show the teacher a small plant that you planted which could easily be replaced by a day old sprout and the latter was sufficient enough allowing you to get an easy ‘A’. This project is also similar but real this time. You must plant trees so that your children would not have to face the aftereffects related to current extensive deforestation activities. This way you are doing a bit to protect the environment.

4. Forgive all those who have hurt you – It may seem like a daunting task that may force you to question your very existence, your self-respect, and your ego, as to why should you ever forgive that dreadful person who gave you sleepless and cry-full nights. However, believe me, there is nothing more relieving than forgiving such people. It gives you calmness and a chance to the culprit to self-reflect and try and make himself better. This way, you would not only make your life a lot easier, but also allow the culprit to correct himself on where he went wrong.

5. Seek forgiveness for all your wrong deeds – If you have ever done something wrong for which you feel guilty about; doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not, seeking forgiveness from the victims for your bad deeds would not only give you peace but also to those whom you hurt in ways known or unknown. This way you will not only give yourself hope for a better future but also the victim would become much more satisfied and his faith in humanity would be restored to some amount.

Of the many reasons these small yet powerful unselfish things, gives oneself peace and could attract more people to try to do such selfless acts. And because until and unless people don’t have any selfish reason to do something, they won’t ever do it and that’s exactly what we intend to change by listing unselfish things that provide selfish pleasures. Lastly, don’t miss reading Part 2 …

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