Top 6 best E-Wallet websites

    E-Wallet is an online system created to provide a safe environment which allows the user to register and store many bank account and credit card numbers and use them at need. You don’t have to enter any account data when making payments which provides and easier and faster way to transfer money, pay bills and make purchases. The E-Wallet system offers safe and secure space to store and manage your bank accounts, the money in your debit and credit cards.

    Many people use E-Wallet providers these days as an easy way to shop online, make money transactions and various payments. The most famous E-Wallet providers are Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, Instadebit, Webmoney and Ecocard. Creating an account in any of these E-Wallet providers is free and gives you a lot of opportunities. Here are presented each of these E-Wallet providers and the opportunities they give to their users to transfer money, make payments and control their bank accounts online anytime and anywhere.

    Top 6 best E-Wallet websites:

    1. Neteller E-Wallet

    Neteller is owned and operated by Optimal Payments PLC and can be used for safe and secure paying of bills online. The financial services of Neteller are spread over 200 countries and more. It is an independent business for money transfer which gives the customer the opportunity to pay in markets and transfer cash whenever other conventional methods for payment don’t work. Neteller has been authorized by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. It gives one of the best protections of the customer’s money against theft and fraud. The money transfer and payment methods are guaranteed by some of the highest level of security which is essential for having many customers.

    2. Skrill E-Wallet

    Skrill gives you the opportunity to control all your online payments with just one user-friendly free account. Using your e-mail you can easily pay your bills, receive and send money, link your bank accounts, store cards and control your deposits anytime from anywhere. It offers high security and protection of the personal information. To send and receive money you need to pay 1% fee for the transfer. Skrill exists since 2001 and is specialized in safe, fast and secure money transfer for paying online, sending and receiving money. The headquarters of the business are in London and there are offices of the company in Europe and in the United States as well. Skrill is a global company with offices in the UK, Sweden, Austria and other places in the world. It focuses mainly on low-cost money transactions and its owner is Skrill Limited.

    3. Instadebit E-Wallet

    Instadebit is an E-Wallet that lets you transfer money safely from and to your bank accounts. The money can be used for paying online and transferring money to merchants without giving any personal banking information about the sender. The process of using Instadebit is easy and is activated after you make an account using your e-mail. The provider transfers money instantly to the account and works with the following currencies: CAD, GBP, EUR and USD. Instadebit offers online banking transfers which don’t require the user to have any credit card. You can pay merchants directly from your bank which happens in seconds and the fees are low. Instadebit’s services can be used by merchants and customers. This e-walet is used by Instadebit casino providers.

    4. Webmoney E-Wallet

    Webmoney is a global money transfer system, founded in 1998, that can be used for all kinds of online activities. It lets you check your funds, make safe transactions, attract financing and resolve problems. It can be used for personal and business needs. The system allows you to pay your bills, get loans, raise funds, withdraw money. For business owners it offers the opportunity to make and accept payments, manage budgets and work as well as make secure transactions. To use Webmoney the customer doesn’t need a credit card or bank account to operate with their account. WM Transfer Ltd. owns and administrates this E-Wallet system.

    5. Paypal E-Wallet

    Paypal is an Amercian company which lets you shop online with your debit and credit cards. It is one of the most famous and used online payment providers in the world. Its services lets you send money to anyone anywhere fast and securely. Paypal can be used for paying on websites, applications, stores. The financial details about the customer are protected which provides safe environment for purchases. Paypal offers refunding of shipping costs. You can use the provider to store all your bank accounts and credit cards in one place through your Paypal account. To transfer money to another person at any place you can use your phone number or e-mail address.

    6. Ecocard E-Wallet

    Ecocard is an electronic wallet which you can use to make payments in real time. It instantly sends money to the merchant online and the purchases with it are safe. To start making electronic transactions you will have to pay an initial fee of 4.9%. You can make anonymous payments with your credit card using Ecocard. The provider enables international payments. Signing up for an Ecocard account is free. You can get money through an ATM machine and bank account. Withdrawing your money from Ecocard will cost you 10 EUR.

    Using E-Wallet you can store multiply debit and credit cards and bank accounts in one place and keep them secure from theft, fraud and leak of information. With Neteller, Skrill, Instadebit, Webmoney, Paypal and Ecocard you can make easy and fast money transactions. You have the right to make to ten different profiles for debit and credit cards as well as for savings and checking accounts. Each of these profiles can be deleted at will and are totally free of charge. Nowadays more and more people rely on the E-Wallet system to make fast, safe and effective transactions, payments and money transfers to people anywhere in the world. Providing a safe environment for the money and easier way to manage your funds, Neteller, Skrill, Instadebit, Webmoney, Paypal and Ecocard are good choices. The customer don’t need to type any data and information about the bank accounts and cards and thus doing the things you want to do with your money is easier and faster.

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